Sutlepa Community Center

Sutlepa village, Lääne-Nigula vald, Läänemaa

Looking at the highway, it seems that only Soviet-era apartment buildings and possibly an office building are built in Sutlepa village. In fact, a traditional village is overshadowed by modern buildings. Now that the municipality started ordering a community center project from me, I had a place to consider whether to shift the weight of Sutlepa’s architecture to a more modern or traditional one. I decided to contribute to a more traditional language of architecture and to push the border to the detriment of standard solutions.

The part of the building, which is covered with soil, is designed as an artificial mountain that can be used for sporting activities – cycling, skating, etc. In winter, ski and toboggan run. Tribe to volleyball court. Artificial Hill softens the borderline transition from the typical Soviet buildings to the village architecture, which is a community center building in its own style. Is it good or bad – decide for yourself …


Community Center

Laansoo Architects 2010

arch. Enn Laansoo