Park Consul Schlössle hotel***** 23 places

Pühavaimu 13/15, Tallinn Old Town

1995 the Republic of Estonia, in its 5th year of regaining independence, is gaining real momentum in reconstruction. Tallinn’s Old Town has great potential to become an international tourist attraction. There is a great demand for quality hotel accommodation. An active and enthusiastic businessman with Estonian roots, Paul Oberschneider has founded a real estate company in Estonia and is moving into real estate development business. For the design of a five-star hotel planned for Tallinn’s Old Town, Pühavaimu Street, he turns to Laansoo Architects, which has experience and expertise in designing in the Old Town. Design work begins in 1996 and after two years the hotel will open its doors.

Meant done!



Laansoo Group AS 1996-1997

E Laansoo, A Sisask, E.Raukas Interior design:Torill Knight Interiors (UK)