Logo designed by Marko Kekishev

Architectural and Design Bureau "E-Stuudio"


The Architecture and Design Office E-Stuudio was founded on 25 June 1988 by the Estonian Cultural Foundation and the Estonian National Institute of Art. The first venture of its kind in the Estonian SSR, where architecture and design were of equal importance and intended to create new synergies. E-Stuudio was an alternative to state-owned bureaus and an opportunity for private initiative. E-Stuudio was the child of the Perestroika era. The premises of the E-Stuudio were on Kentmann Street. Finished its activities with the re-establishment of the Republic of Estonia. Take a closer look: E-Stuudio1988-1990 booklet

On the picture from left to right: Marko Kekishev, Enn Laansoo, Tiina Paalberg, Kalle Pabut, Ivo-Ott Hirvesoo, Aleksander Jakovlev, Raivo Bristol, Avo Seppel, T├Ánu Laigu