Kadriorg Museum-Library

New Guardhouse

Weizenbergi 26, Tallinn

The history of the building dates back to 1828, when the Emperor Nicholas I commissioned the construction of the New Guardhouse (A. Weizenberg’s 26 Street building) as part of the rebuilding of the Kadriorg Palace ensemble. An order for a new wooden guardhouse project, together with the location of the house in the park, was given to architect Ch. Meyerile (Christian Filippovich Meyer). Of the two projects submitted, the cheapest was selected. The project was approved by Emperor Nicholas I on August 1, 1828, and by November 15, the house had been completed and furnished.

In the 1990s, the depreciated guardhouse was dismantled at the initiative of the Art Museum of Estonia and rebuilt, based on the exterior of the building in 1828, from completely new materials. The main contractor for design and construction management was AS Laansoo Group. The architectural part of the project was carried out by Katrin Etverk, architect at AS Tallinna Restauraator Projektb├╝r0o

Until the completion of the new headquarters of the Art Museum, the office of the Construction Foundation operated. On July 22, 2006, the Kadriorg Park Museum and Library was opened in the building.

$6LG-EKM 1997


AS Laansoo Group, AS Tallinna Restauraator Projektb├╝roo 1998

arch. A.Sisask, K.Etverk, construction manager T.Sikk, T.Maripuu