Vanemuise Concert Hall

Vanemuise tn 6, Tartu

In the sixth year of the independence of the Republic of Estonia, the renovation project of the Tartu Vanemuine Concert Hall will begin. The Tartu City Government recognizes the construction of the Vanemuine Concert Hall in the group of objects reconstructed at the competition of the best building in the city of Tartu in 1998, and the designer is presented with a certificate of honor.

In addition, the popular concert venue functions as a modern conference center to meet all contemporary needs. The removable chair system of the hall enables to transform of the academic concert atmosphere to suit a pop concert, a jazz club, a ball or banquet room or a conference hall.


Contsert Hall renovation

Vanemuine Concert Hall was built in 1970 (architects A. Volberg, P. Tarvas, U. Tölpus). Renovation Laansoo Grupp AS 1997-98

arch. A.Sisask, Avo. Kuldkepp Interior designer Malle Agabus, construction manager: T.Sikk, T.Maripuu